What is Creative Consciousness Coaching?

My coaching supports new and mid-level managers, to make sure they know their “why” and that they have the tools to provide a supportive environment that enables them and their teams to grow, develop, and succeed.

Coaching is an activity that I devote my time to that honors me with the responsibility to support other individuals in unlocking their potential. I am a supportive resource for people and communities around me to realize their needs, desires, and goals.

What People Say

“His leadership style is intuitive. He manages up, down and across really well. Stephen inspires me and helps me look at things at work and myself from a different angle.”


”Stephen is without any doubt the best manager I have ever worked with. He is a true leader, someone who really cares about people. He has one of the most creative minds I have ever seen and uses his skills to find efficient ways to work and to make people feel comfortable.”


“Kudos to your support and documentation team members. Support is superb. The team know the printers and are great at working through a problem. And the docs they send are really concise and clear!”


In addition to formal training in coaching, I’ve been a mentor and tutor for professionals and students. I’ve supported the development of dozens of colleagues – present and former – and friends. I’ve studied frameworks such as Conscious Leadership Group, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with the Sacred Fig, and most recently pursued a professional ICF-accredited coaching certification with the Creative Consciousness Academy. To support my own self-awareness and development, I’ve engaged in High Performance Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and psychotherapy.

Are you willing to set or achieve your goals?