About Me

Life is measured in years young. Hikes are measured in hours of feasting. Europe is measured in metric, and my brain thinks imperially. So, here goes Stephen’s life abroad!


We’ll Someday Call This ‘Old-Fashioned’ – About Me

When I was 0, my identical twin brother Brian lost the race out of the womb, completing our family of three kids. When I was almost 1, my dad, who had been stationed in Germany, moved us to the United States for the first time. When I was 4, Florida’s Clown College was my dream school. When I was 10, my family settled in Texas, where we spent the next eight years. When I was 14, my grandparents gave me my first digital camera, inspiring photography as a hobby. When I was 18, I enrolled at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to study mechanical engineering. When I was 19, I re-discovered the joy of fingerpainting. When I was 20, engineering bored me, so I enrolled in a masters program for Technical Communication, then Denmark stole my heart while on study abroad. When I was 21, I started my career doing product communication for Ecovative, a biomaterials company specializing in growing high performing composites from fungi. When I was 24, I beat my brother and sister in a “race” to visit all 50 states. What’s next? I became a bit of a runner after moving to Boston. I’ve pivoted to triathlons, and maybe I’ll tackle an Ironman distance in Europe. When I am 84, I will be the old man who still likes to dance.

Explore Past Work:

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Boston Marathon Fundraiser – 2017