What’s your “why”?

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Viktor Frankl

My vision: love and belonging for every human being.
My purpose: to be a mindful builder of curious, caring, and pragmatic communities, so that our shared time together can be meaningful.
My focus: improving human and planetary health.

In their research on what makes organizations thrive, Anne Morris and Frances Frei talk about how inclusion is a precursor to excellence, and for inclusion, we need to feel safe, welcomed, celebrated, and cherished. I develop environments where these factors – and therefore the individuals – thrive. We’re all cellular organisms, part of a system, and I support the cells and the system, the individuals and the community which we comprise.

Teams need a clear direction, the right tools, and a supportive environment to grow, develop, and succeed. Success can only be measured if it is defined, which is why I empower individuals, teams, and managers to define their goals and support them in formulating a plan to achieve the objective. As a coach, I provide the mirror for the client to see, communicate, and pursue their intentions and their progress.

My background in engineering (academic training), customer service leadership (professional focus), and human well-being (personal passion and independent learning) positions me to thoughtfully create positive people-focused experiences that scale. I thrive in new environments that provide support to balance my natural drive for performance.

Stephen likes:
Impressing customers
Inspiring happy, healthy lives
Conscious communication